CBD Tincture

For individuals who benefit the most from conventional serving sizes or who are new to using CBD, our cannabis tincture in San Jose is a brilliant option. To ensure a high-quality product, we formulate each of our CBD tinctures in-house after careful extraction.

To maintain quality and purity, our classic tinctures are made using only natural ingredients, just the way nature intended. We also provide a selection of infused tinctures that are naturally flavored with terpenes and extracts.

All of our CBD tinctures are tested for heavy metals, pesticides, and potency. Our testing process ensures that we offer a consistent, safe, and natural product. Additionally, we encourage our customers to interact with their doctors regarding CBD to learn more about the correct benefits and serving sizes.

Why use Haze to buy CBD tincture?

The CBD tincture of Haze may temporarily reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. When taken before bedtime, it may also promote better quality sleep.
Chemists for Haze use state-of-the-art lab equipment to triple-filter the hemp oil extract that removes plant material by-products. Every plant is grown without the use of dangerous additives, pesticides, and heavy metals.
This tincture must be orally taken. With a number of different flavors, it may be mixed into your favorite taken or be taken on its own!

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